Wet Basement Repair Services in Columbus

Get Your Basement Back in Shape with Our Wet Basement Repair Solutions

If your basement is showing signs of water infiltration, humidity, or mustiness, it’s time to have experts look at it. When your basement is wet, your belongings, floors, walls, and foundation are all at risk of being damaged and requiring more expensive solutions.

For expert wet basement repair services in Columbus, call Chapman Drainage & Basement. Our experts will the best treatment plan to seal your leaky basement. We offer several solutions to keep your basement dry and healthy, like optimal drainage system repairs and wall sealing, so you can have peace of mind in your home.

Top 5 Signs of a Wet Basement That Needs Sealing

Whether your basement is finished or not, there are universal signs that water is getting into your basement and your walls are not sealed properly. It’s best to catch these symptoms early to prevent more damage to your basement that can decrease your home value. A professional wet basement contractor near you in Columbus, like Chapman Drainage & Basement, can identify these signs quickly and make a treatment plan for long-lasting repairs.

  • Standing water, flooding, or leaking walls in your basement are some of the most obvious signs you have a wet basement that isn’t sealed or draining properly, especially after a heavy Columbus rain
  • Condensation droplets appearing on your walls or floors or sweating pipes indicate moisture and high humidity is present in your basement
  • Musty odors, mildew, or mold growth are not only hazardous to your health but also a sign your basement is holding moisture
  • Buckling floors, rotting wood, or peeling paint may seem like simply cosmetic issues in a finished basement, but they are symptoms of water infiltration that point to a deeper problem
  • Dark stains and efflorescence, or white powdery deposits, that appear on concrete are signs that water and minerals are migrating into your basement

The Best Methods to Keep Moisture Out of Your Basement

Having addressed wet basement issues for over 25 years in Columbus, we are experts at treating basement problems with solutions that are time-tested. For years, people have been using the same systems to fix wet basements. Typically, these repairs focus on fixing problems outside your home that are causing moisture inside your basement.

Chapman Drainage & Basement’s technicians will come and walk around the house to point out sources of water infiltration so we can quote out preventative solutions. Fixing downspout drainage and grading is a first line of defense for keeping water out of your basement, as well as sealing interior walls. Sump pumps may also be implemented as a last line of defense to keeping your basement dry.

More Common Wet Basement & Waterproofing Services We Offer in Columbus:

By utilizing these tried-and-true methods, we can protect your basement and belongings from costly water damage, saving you thousands of dollars. Hiring our professional Columbus wet basement repair and wall sealing technicians ensures that you’ll receive the best service possible without any added costs.

Interior Perimeter
Drain Installation

Waterproofing Paint

Weep Hole


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At Chapman Drainage & Basement, our skilled team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every wet basement project in Columbus. We have been a family-owned and operated business in Columbus for over 25 years and are proud to offer the strongest warranties in the industry and the best service possible to our customers.

As an experienced wet basement repair company in Columbus, you can trust us to do the job right the first time and restore your basement’s integrity. View our project portfolio to see solutions we’ve implemented for past clients.

As a leader in wet basement repair and wall sealing in Columbus, we have an accredited A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and ranked high for our services on Google, Angi, and Yelp.  

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