Stormwater Management in Columbus: The Cornerstone of Our Business

July 24, 2019

Chapman Drainage specializes in stormwater management. In fact, they consider it to be the cornerstone of their business. Jeremy Chapman, the Owner, says that stormwater management will help you prevent property damage such as foundation issues, mold issues, flooding, and basement damage. “Most of the time, I get called in on a job with existing damage or an attempt at damage prevention.”  According to Jeremey, the process usually starts with the customer noticing that water is coming into their basement. Once they call Chapman Drainage, a specialist will come out a take a look at the property to assess the problem during a free estimate. Jeremy notes “it is usually the downspout drainage lines that run into the street.” Once the issue has been determined, a course of action to fix the problem will be laid out, a quote will be given, and then the problem will be fixed. “A typical job is bad drainage lines from the gutters to the street. We come in and dig a trench, put new pipes in, fill it, and make it look good.” Stormwater management will make a huge difference to customers because it will save them money in the long run. If customers are utilizing preventative measures, they will be less likely to experience issues. This preventative care can help eliminate larger foundation issues down the road. The money you spend on preventing issues will be far less than if you have to fix huge issues such as foundation damage or flooding.   What separates Chapman Drainage from the competition is simple. “By offering a fast, clean, and a job well done, we stand out from the rest,” says Jeremy. “We use the proper materials and proper techniques. We don’t skip steps or try to take any shortcuts - we do things the right way.” Get in contact with Chapman Drainage now to schedule your free estimate today!