Sump Pump Test

June 5, 2017

How to test a Hydromatic sump pump:
1) Locate the sump pump in your basement
2) Open the pit and visually examine the pump
3) Unplug the pump from the wall outlet
4) Unplug the two cords that are plugged together and plug the pump plug directly into the wall (see diagram). Listen for sound.
5) If the pump turns on, you have a bad switch.
6) If the pump does not turn on, it is dead and needs replaced.
We see a lot of these types of pumps. Hydromatic pumps are a brand that most builders use when they install a sump pump in a new build. They are BY FAR the most common pump in use due to their affordability. Unfortunately, they are not the most long-lasting pump. Whenever we encounter these pumps, we suggest that you replace the pump with a Zoeller cast-iron sump pump. Zoeller is the best brand on the market and we exclusively install Zoeller branded pumps. Please contact us if you have any questions.