Chapman Drainage & Basement Repair
Columbus, Ohio

Proudly serving the Columbus area

Chapman Drainage & Basement is a full service drainage and basement repair company located in Columbus, Ohio.

Our areas of expertise include: downspout drainage systems, French drainage systems, basement wall repair, basement waterproofing, sump pump replacement and repair, backup sump pumps, culvert installation, catch basins, and surface drainage solutions. In addition to our drainage & basement offerings, we are a full-service landscape design/build firm.

Columbus, Ohio based Chapman Drainage & Basement offers the strongest warranties in the industry, and service above and beyond the call of duty. We are available 24×7. We serve the Columbus metro area and all of Central Ohio.

Drainage repair

Our drainage repair services in Columbus, Ohio include repair of downspout drainage systems, installation of new drainage systems, and surface drainage solutions. The drainage system of any residence is essential to the strength of the foundation and the welfare of the basement and everything in it. Malfunctions with the drainage system can lead to moisture in the basement and movement of the foundation.