A little water can do a lot of damage, and an improper, damaged, or non-existent drainage system makes your home and property susceptible to all kinds of water-related issues.

Stagnant water surrounding the home can cause severe and costly structural damage that puts the inhabitants at risk. At Chapman Drainage, we strive to provide Columbus residents with the best drainage repair & installation services, so give us a call and schedule your free estimate before the damage gets out of hand.

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Downspout drainage
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Stormwater is one of the leading causes of structural and foundation problems, but with a proper stormwater management system in place, you can protect your home from the drastic effects of prolonged water exposure. A gutter system is not complete without an adequate downspout that directs the water away from the base of the home. With 3”, 4”, & 6” downspout drains, our technicians can install the perfect sized drain for any situation. Don’t let something like stormwater wreak havoc on your home. Give Chapman Drainage a call, and let us handle your downspout drain repair and installations.

French Drainage systems

While a downspout drain system protects the home’s foundation, a French drain preserves the quality of the property surrounding the house. Without a French drain, a saturated lawn can cause damage to plants and decrease the property value. So, whether you need a French drain repair or installation, Chapman Drainage is here to help! Once we identify the problem area we can install the French drain which is a long piece of PVC with holes that allows water to enter and flow out in a more desirable location.

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Chapman Drainage & Basement is a full service drain company.

Clogged or damaged drains are an annoying and potentially costly problem that many homeowners face at some point in their life. Unfortunately, a clogged drain is hardly better than no drain, and as a result, many of the same problems are present in both instances. Much like having no drain, a clogged downspout prevents stormwater from moving away from the home and can cause a list of problems, from interior mold growth to a foundation crack or shift. The source of a drain clog can be just about anything, but the following are the most common ones we encounter here at Chapman Drainage.

  • tree roots
  • leaves
  • mud
  • foreign objects
  • collapsed sections of pipe

Our expert drainage technicians have decades of combined experience and know precisely how to locate, diagnose, and repair your drains. If your drains haven’t been performing as they should, then it might be time to have us take a look. Our expert drain cleaning service utilizes the latest drain cleaning technology, so that you can expect a job well done every time.

Columbus Drain Repair & Installation

Your home is the largest investment you’re likely to make, so protect that investment from potentially harmful stormwater. Whether you need a downspout or a French drain, nobody provides better drainage repair and installation than Chapman Drainage. For over 20 years, we have been a leading provider of drainage, waterproofing, and wall repair services. Don’t wait until its too late. Contact us today for more information and schedule a free estimate on all your drainage repair, installation, and cleaning service needs.

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