Our drainage repair services include repair of downspout drainage systems, installation of new drainage systems, and surface drainage solutions.

The drainage system of any residence is essential to the strength of the foundation and the welfare of the basement and everything in it. Malfunctions with the drainage system can lead to moisture in the basement and movement of the foundation. Water that is not properly carried away from the residence can collect in and outside of the basement walls and can cause very serious foundation problems. Correction of drainage problems can avert further, more costly problems with the foundation. We can catch and fix the problem before it becomes serious by making sure that the water is carried away from the residence and basement walls.

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Downspout drainage
system repair

Downspout drainage
system installation

surface drainage

downspout Drainage systems

Stormwater Management is the cornerstone of our business. A properly functioning downspout drainage system is absolutely critical to the wellbeing of a home's foundation. We specialize in installing downspout conductor lines to carry gutter runoff away from the foundation and out of harm's way. We install 3", 4" and 6" downspout drainage systems. We use top-quality materials and expert workmanship to install every drainage system. We have installed thousands of drainage systems in our 20+ years in business and we use the best installation practices to produce high-quality drainage systems.

French Drainage systems

A French drain is a simple yet time tested way of removing water that has collected in your yard. A French drain is constructed of PVC pipe that has holes in the side. The pipe is covered by a geotextile sleeve that prevents soil or roots from growing into the pipe. The pipe is laid into a 6” wide trench and encased in gravel. Once the gravel is installed, small voids are created in the soil that attract water to the system. Water then flows into the system and through the pipe, away from the affected area. Two inches of soil covers the French drain and grass is grown over top.


French drainage systems are installed in areas where constant wetness or standing water occurs. French drains can completely eliminate wet areas and restore normal drainage patterns to large areas of your yard.

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Chapman Drainage & Basement is a full service drain company.

Clogged drains are an annoying problem that homeowners will undoubtedly experience at some point in time. Clogged downspout drainage lines can cause water backups at the foundation and can cause major basement damage. Flooded basements, cracked basement walls, and mold problems are all usually caused by malfunctioning drainage systems. Root blockages and collapsed drain lines are the two most common types of drainage system problems. We can locate and remove all types of blockages.


Here is an example of what we encounter:

  • tree roots
  • leaves
  • mud
  • foreign objects
  • collapsed sections of pipe

When we are called out to a job, we locate, diagnose, and repair the damage. We use technology, hard work, & 20+ years of experience to trace the source of the problem and remove it. We will have your system functioning normally once we are finished.

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