Basement Walls Bowing? Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Foundation repair on Columbus homes is a common problem to deal with, and many times it isn’t a major one.

One of the most telltale signs of a home that needs foundation repair is if your basement walls are “bowing.” When you start to notice your basement walls bowing inward as if something is pushing in on them from the outside, it is absolutely imperative that you contact a basement contractor for basement wall repair in Columbus.

This is a structural weakness that, if left unchecked, will only get worse, cause more damage, and be more expensive to fix the longer you leave it.

Why Are My Basement Walls Bowing?

There are many factors that could cause your basement walls to bow, but one of the most common is hydrostatic pressure, or in simpler terms, groundwater building up outside your basement walls and creating pressure inwards.

This is one reason why another common sign that you’re in need of foundation repair in Columbus is when your basement walls are wet or seeping moisture. This often means that the groundwater outside has built up so much pressure outside that it’s starting to break its way through.

This is why companies like Chapman Drainage act as both a basement wall repair company in Columbus, and a waterproofing company – the services often tend to go hand-in-hand.

Other, less common reasons for bowing basement walls might include poor grading or construction practices on your home, nearby tree roots putting pressure on your foundation, plumbing problems, and heavy patio/driveway elements that put exterior pressure on your walls.

Regardless of what the reason is, we will find the source of why your basement walls are bowing or leaking, and get to work on a solution that keeps your foundation secure for years to come.

What Are Other Signs You Need Foundation Repair in Columbus?

Bowing basement walls or excessive moisture are not the only indications that you’re in need of foundation crack repair.

You should also call for basement wall repair or foundation crack repair in Ohio if you notice diagonal cracks on your interior walls, movement or separation of wood trim or interior fixtures, or doors not sticking or latching.

These all can be very good indicators of a foundation that has cracked or moved, and is causing structural damage throughout your house. This damage will continue to intensify and spread throughout your home until you fix the problem. So how do we do that?

How Do We Fix Basement Cracks in Ohio Homes?

If you’re seeing bowed basement walls in your home, there are several ways for us to reinforce and fix those walls.

The classic standard method is to use steel I-beams to reinforce your basement walls. This will permanently stabilize and straighten your walls and prevent future sagging and bowing of your basement walls. This method has been in use for over 100 years because it is reliable and effective.

In situations where you’re seeing wet or leaky basement walls, we offer basement waterproofing services, which can be combined with our other foundation repair services to both repair the structure of your home, and prevent mold and water damage.

Carbon fiber strips are a newer basement wall repair method that is 10 times stronger than steel, but takes up little to no interior space on your wall. It can even be painted to match the color of your wall.

Regardless of what basement wall repair method you choose, just know that if you’re seeing signs of foundation damage, every day that goes by is a day that your home’s structure can become more damaged and repairs more difficult and costly.
Don’t delay in protecting your home from damage, contact Chapman Drainage and get your foundation damage repaired today.