How to Prevent Basement Flooding

One constant thing about basements is that they are always going to get wet. You have to be constantly prepared for the possibility of moisture and flooding.

While you can’t completely prevent moisture in your basement, there is a lot you can do to prevent large-scale, damaging basement flooding in Columbus.

There are no “set and forget” solutions for preventing basement flooding – it’s a constant battle against the elements and you can’t get too complacent. Chapman Drainage has Columbus basement contractors that have been fixing and preventing floods for years, and we’ve identified some helpful tips for keeping that basement flooding in check.

Grade Your Lawn Away From Your Home

Having proper yard drainage in Columbus is a huge part of keeping water out of your basement. The direction your yard drains determines where the majority of the water runs after it rains – is it moving towards your basement or away from it?

Making sure your yard is draining water away from your home – on all sides, not just the front – is a key part of keeping that rainwater from seeping into the ground next to your basement and putting pressure on your walls.

Clear and Extend Your Gutters

In the same sense that grading your lawn to drain away from your home helps you with Columbus basement waterproofing, so too does making sure water drains OFF of your house properly.

If your gutters are not clearing rainwater properly, it’s probably going to fall down and collect right near your home, which is the last thing you want. So make sure your gutters are clean, not leaking, and diverting water away from your home like they’re supposed to.

You may also consider downspout extensions to make sure water is being drained even further away from your foundation. These will all help make your Columbus basement waterproofing easier.

Call a Sump Pump Contractor in Columbus

Sump pumps are the gold standard method for handling basement flooding in Columbus, and they work on the same theory that we were talking about before – basements are ALWAYS going to get wet.

A sump pump ensures that flooding and moisture are pumped back out of your basement before it can build up and cause problems. Chapman Drainage offers Columbus sump pump repair, replacement, and installation so you can prevent basement flooding before it starts.

With proper sump pump drainage, you can prevent a lot of potential flooding problems, but it’s still best if you use it in tandem with these other tips.

Check For – and Fix – Foundation Cracks

If your basement has cracks on the floor or walls, there’s a good chance it’s telling you there’s already a fair amount of water buildup outside your basement – that pressure is often what causes those cracks.

But when you have those cracks, it’s basically an open invitation to let water and moisture in from outside. Your Columbus basement waterproofing company can get your foundation crack repaired and your basement sealed off from seepage and leaks.

Chapman Drainage is a skilled and experienced Columbus basement waterproofing company that is ready to help you protect your basement and everything in it from moisture and flood damage. Contact us today for a free estimate, whether you’re dealing with flooding already or just want to prevent it in the future!