Preparing Your Basement for Winter

Basement preparations are something we do every year once that chill hits the air. We check on our weatherstripping, change out our furnace filters, maybe top off your car’s fluid levels and so on.

Sometimes, preparing your basement for winter is an easy step to overlook, but it’s important that you give it its appropriate attention. If you properly winterize your basement with a Columbus basement contractor, you’re preventing larger, more expensive problems from coming up later – the types of things that can result in your basement not passing inspection during a sale.

How to Winterize Your Basement

The first thing to check when preparing your basement for winter is the foundation outside. You should make sure that too much of your basement walls aren’t exposed from the outside, and that dirt is sloped to direct water away from your home, rather than toward.

This ensures that water doesn’t seep into the ground next to your basement walls and freeze, expanding and putting pressure on your walls. Search for any areas outside where water could pool or drain towards your home and take steps to divert it away.

Within your basement, waterproofing is the word of the day. Search for any basement cracks to repair or gaps that need filling. Basement crack repair is always important, but especially so when it comes to winter.

Basement cracks in the summer can leak and cause mold. In the winter, they can do that, but on the coldest days, that moisture can freeze and expand, creating a wedge effect in those cracks that forces them open wider.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a Columbus basement crack repair company as soon as you notice those problems, because those problems never fix themselves – they only get worse the longer you leave them.

The Importance of Basement Crack Repair for Home Sellers

The importance of basement crack repair in Columbus and winterizing your basement is paramount whether you’re living in the home or you’re a real estate agent looking for basement repair.

With the real estate market turning back towards the buyer’s favor, less buyers are foregoing pre-sale inspections or the right to repair, and that means more pressure on the seller to make sure basements are repaired and winterized to prevent the need for future basement crack repairs.

Basement or foundational cracks are a red flag to potential buyers, and with the seller’s market cooling, there is less chance of a potential buyer shrugging off issues like that and moving forward with the sale, so it’s important to put extra effort into making sure those issues are taken care of.

Basement crack repair in Columbus is one of those things that becomes more expensive the longer you wait on it. So whether your basement is not passing inspection now, or you just want to prevent that from coming to pass in the future, the time is now to winterize your basement and future-proof it against damage.

You Don’t Have to Winterize Your Basement Alone

There are a lot of things that go into winterizing your basement, from basement crack repair to insulating your pipes to checking for drainage issues. It’s important that you don’t overlook anything, as even a minor oversight can result in lasting damage.

If you want to make sure the job is done right, you can call our basement wall repair contractors in Columbus to make sure your basement is properly sealed, repaired, and ready for the coming cold months.
Contact us today and let us help you prepare your basement for winter (or sale)!